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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What is e- filing of return?

Ans: e-Filing of return is a facility which is now provided to file the returns online using internet under Odisha VAT Act, Central Sales Tax Act & Odisha Entry Tax Act.

2. For which Act(s) e-filing facility available?

Ans: As of now e-Filing facility available for filing of returns under the following Acts:

  • Odisha Value Added Tax Act (OVAT Act)
  • Central Sales Tax Act (CST Act)
  • Odisha Entry Tax Act (OET Act)

3. Is tax payment necessary for e-filing?

Ans: Yes, unless you have to file a “NIL” return.

You have to pay tax through treasury or bank or e-payment. You have to mention Treasury Challan no./ Demand Draft No./ Banker's Cheque no./ e-payment Challan no. depending upon the mode of payment, in the payment details section of e-form (XLS sheet).

You have to submit the payment details at concerned circle along with signed return document after filing return through e-service portal, otherwise your return will be treated as incomplete.

4. How to pay tax? Is there e-payment facility available in portal?

Ans: No, currently e-payment facility is not available through e-filing portal of CT Department.

However, you can pay your taxes through SBI online payment portal, apart from normal modes of payment like Demand Draft, Banker’s Cheque or Treasury Chalans. After payment of tax you have to submit the Bank Draft / Cheque / Treasury Challan in the concerned circle along with the receipt generated after e-filing of Return through the portal.

If you have paid tax through SBI online payment portal then you need not to submit e-Challan generated in SBI payment portal in the concerned circle.

5. Can I change my password again and again?

Ans: Yes, you can change your password again and again.

6. What if I forget my password?

Ans: You can retrieve the password by providing your TIN / SRIN number in forgot password section. This will generate one Password resetting request and after due approval of the process internally, you will receive mail for stating your password.

7. How to log out from the portal?

Ans: By clicking Log Out link. It’s always better to log out instead of closing the browser window directly for security reasons. Please ensure to log out always before closing the browser window.

8. Can I file return for a period if I have not filed return for the period previous to selected period?

Ans: No, you have to file the return for previous period before filing return for selected period.

9. Can I use the return form available at other places than down loading it for the department's web site?

Ans: YNo. The validations provided for uploading a particular return form allows uploading of return form which is downloaded from the web site

10. Up till now I was filing physical return. Why now I need to file e-Return? What if I still file physical return?

Ans: e-filing of return is not mandatory at present.

11. Why filing of e-return is taken now?

Ans: Filing of electronic return ensures correct return filing by the dealers and offers the dealers facility of return filing at their finger tips.

12. How this e-return is helpful to me?

Ans: Your correct and complete return will be reported to Dept of sales Tax immediately.

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1. How to log in to portal for e-filing of return? Which user id and password should I use?

Ans: You can collect your password from concerned circle where you have been registered. To log in to the portal please use your 11 digits TIN or 7 digits SRIN as user ID along with the password received from the concerned circle.

2. Why should I change password after first log in?

Ans: The password provided to you from circle office is for one time use only. For security reason it will expire after first log in and you have to change the old password with your own password. Please follow the password policy while changing new password.

3. Why should I provide phone number, e-mail ID after first log in?

Ans: For future communication with Commercial Tax Department and updates from the CT Department portal, your email ID and phone number is essential. Your email ID is important because you will receive all portal related communications through email at this ID.

4. Whose email id should I provide?

Ans: You should provide your personal email ID and it should not be used by others because you will receive both general and confidential communications from portal in this mail ID.

5. Will the e-mail ID provided by me be authenticated by portal?

Ans: Yes, on providing e-mail ID after first log in, an automatic e-mail will be delivered in the provided e-mail ID for activation of account.

6. What if I will provide wrong e-mail ID?

Ans: The activation mail cannot be delivered on improper e-mail ID and the account cannot be activated by right user.

7. What if my account is not activated?

Ans: You cannot log in to portal for second time and your account will remain “Not Activated”.

8. Will I get notification for new changed password?

Ans: Yes, an automatic e-mail will be delivered to your e-mail id on successful change of password.

9. What is the structure of the first pasword given by the Department?

Ans: The first password provided to the Dealer by the Department is generated from the system. The password generated by the Department has the following characteristics.
a) It is a combination of characters (a,b,c...z), numerals (0,1,2,...9) and special characters (@,#,$,%)
b) It has at least one CAPITAL alphabet.
c) The alphabets used in the password are "case sensitive". It means, the password as given is to be used exactly in terms of characters.
d) No "underscrore" (_), asterik (*) or blank space are allowed to be used in the password.
e) For further clarifications, registered dealers are requested to go through the "password policy" while changing the password after login.

10. What is the need of security question?

Ans: It is required for security reason and for retrieval of password in case you will forget your password.

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1. How to file return using e-filing portal?

Ans: For filing you have to download electronic Return Forms (e-Forms) first for required Act. You have to fill the e-form off line. You have to log in to portal using your TIN / SRIN number and password and upload the completed e-form in the portal for selected return period and Act.

2. What is e-form and from where I will download the return e- form?

Ans: e-form is the electronic form of returns based on Microsoft Excel (.XLS) format. The different forms for different Acts are available in download section of the portal. You need not log in to portal to download e-form. These forms are containing main return details along with the annexures.

3. Are separate formats available for separate Acts?

Ans: Yes, separate forms for Odisha Value Added Tax (VAT Act), Central Sales Tax Act (CST Act), and Odisha Entry Tax Act (OET Act) are available in download section of portal. Along with these e-forms, e- forms for Sales and Purchase invoice are also available. The invoice e-forms should be used to fill invoice details of VAT separately.

4. What are the forms I should download?

Ans: VAT-201 e-form is meant for dealers having TIN for filing VAT return. VAT-002 e-form is meant for SRIN dealers for filing VAT return. CST Form-I for all dealers filing CST & ET-03 form is meant for all dealers filing ET.

5. Is there any specific software required to download and save the e-form?

Ans: No specific software is required to download and save e-form. But you should have Microsoft Office version 2003 or above.

6. How shall I fill-in the e-form?

Ans: All the fields of the e-form are enterable. There is no auto calculation or auto round up formula applied in the e-form. You have to fill all the details. After filling-in the required fields click on “Click to Validate” button to validate your entries. If any error is shown then it will be displayed in error sheet of the e-form. Correct the errors and save the file. You cannot upload the file in portal containing error in error sheet. You can take a print of the filled-in form also.


For VAT-201 and VAT -002 forms please select ‘No' in 4 when you have purchase or sale

For VAT-201 and VAT -002 forms please select ‘Yes’ in Sl. no 4 when you have no purchase or sale

7. Where can I get commodity list?

Ans: The commodity list is available in portal for your reference.

8. Do I need to be connected to internet to fill e-form?

Ans: No, you can fill it offline at your ease.

9. What to do next after filling the e-form?

Ans: Log in to portal access return filing section. Select Act and Return period for which you want to file return. Browse your filled e-form from your local computer. Click the Next button to proceed. If there is any error in the form then you will get an alert. In this case please rectify your e-form and upload again. If there is no error then you can view the summary details of e-form. On confirming the details a receipt will be generated. Then you can take a print of the receipt.

10. Is invoice upload is necessary for e-filing?

Ans: No, but it is advised that you should upload the invoice details for return filing. You can upload invoice details as required in Sl. No.57 of the return form VAT -201 by clicking the link provided for the purpose. It is only possible after uploading of main e-form. Invoice details should be uploaded in separate sheets. Separate sheets are provided for download also.

11. What to do if error comes while uploading e-form?

Ans: You will view alert of error, you need to rectify the error and upload the e-form once again.

12. If I don’t click confirm button then what will happen?

Ans: Your return will not be accepted and receipt will not be generated.

13. What will happen after confirmation of upload?

Ans: On confirmation, a receipt will be generated. You can take a print of the receipt, if required.

14. How can I see or download my e-form after uploading?

Ans: You can see and download any previously uploaded e-forms in check status section. You can search the uploaded details using different options as available in check status section. Link will be available for downloading any previously uploaded e-form.

15. How can I check status of my return filing?

Ans: In check status section you can search and check the status of returns filed in the portal. You can search using different options as available in check status section.

16. Can I file return for a period if I have not filed return for the period previous to selected period?

Ans: No, you have to file the return for previous period before filing return for selected period.

17. What will happen if I will file return more than once for a particular period?

Ans: The new return will be treated as revised return and the old return will be sent to electronic archive automatically.

18. Should I keep the return receipt for future reference, can I print it?

Ans: Yes, you can print it and you can print it more than once and keep it for future reference.

19. Can I check my payment history in portal?

Ans: Yes, in payment history section. You can search old payment details using different options.

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1. What is the Act for which I can register?

Ans: You can register for Odisha Value Added Tax Act (VAT), Central Sale Tax Act (CST), Odisha Entry Tax Act (ET) through e-registration process of e-services portal.

2. How can I register for an VAT Act, CST Act or Entry Tax Act?

Ans : Access to new registration section. Provide required details such as email id, PAN, Act for which you want to register, security question and answer. You will receive a mail to authenticate your mail id. Click the link as available in mail to authenticate the mail id. You will be redirected to portal. You can view the registration web form according to selected Act. Enter all the details as asked in the form. Save the details first and then confirm. A receipt will be generated. Print the receipt. A link will be provided in portal after confirmation to print the entered details. Print the details and sign in the required area. Submit the signed copy, acknowledgement receipt and required fee at the circle office where you want registration.

3. Can I register for only CST or ET Act?

Ans : You have to register under VAT Act before getting registered for CST or ET Act. You can apply for registration for all Acts at a time in e-service portal. In case you are already registered under VAT Act then you have to provide your TIN while registering for CST or ET Act.

4. Do I need to save always while filing the registration form?

Ans : It’s better to save always while filing the registration form. In case ,if the internet connection is disconnected while filing up the form then the saved details can be retrieved through pending registration.

5. Can I edit the saved registration details?

Ans : Yes, you can edit the saved registration details till you have not confirmed the entry of registration. Once you will confirm the registration entry for an Act then the registration application process will be treated as completed and you cannot edit filled registration details any more. The confirmed registration details will be automatically sent to concerned circle under which you want registration.

6. How can I edit the filled details?

Ans : Go to pending registration section under e-registration of e-services portal. Provide the details such as email id, PAN and security question and answer that you have provided at the first time while filling registration application. Click on Submit button and you can view the saved registration details in editing mode. If you have confirmed the registration entry then you can view the confirmed registration details but cannot edit.

7. Can I confirm the registration details after editing?

Ans: Yes, You can confirm the details after saving the edited details.

8. How can I confirm the saved details?

Ans: Click on confirm button as available in registration form.

9. What is the mandatory information I need to fill in registration form?

Ans: Please try to enter all the registration details as asked in the registration form. If you do not fill the registration details then you may be asked to fill tha same by the Circle Office.

10. If I have same registration details for multiple Acts then do I need to fill the same details for all Acts?

Ans: Once you save the registration details for one Act then the same details will be available for all the Acts for which you are applying for registration. However you can edit same details in other Acts by un-checking the “Same Details” check box as available for CST and ET registration form.

11. How can I take the print out of the confirmed registration details?

Ans: A link will appear after confirmation of registration details. Click on the link you can view the entered registration details in PDF file. You can print the registration details as available in PDF file. In case you will lose the print out then please access pending registration section of e-registration, provide the required details and click on the submit button to view the confirmed details in non-editable mode and link to print the confirmed registration details.

12. How can I print acknowledgement receipt?

Ans: You can view the acknowledgement receipt once you confirm the registration details. A PDF pop up will be visible containing the acknowledgement details. You can print the PDF file. You will also receive mail after confirmation containing a PDF file as the acknowledgement receipt. In case you will lose the acknowledgement receipt then go to Check Status section under e-registration of e-services portal. A link will be available on status checking to view and print the acknowledgement receipt.

13. Can I upload the supporting document as required for registration?

Ans: Yes, you can upload the supporting document in document upload of registration form section before confirmation only.

14. How can I upload the supporting documents?

Ans: Go to document upload section before confirming the registration details. Select the document type from the list and browse the document from saved area of your personal computer and click on upload button. Before uploading document you must have scanned the document and saved as PDF file. The document size should not be more than 1MB. In case you have multiple pages for one type of document then scan and save it to one PDF file. You can upload only one document for one type of supporting document.

15. What next after confirmation of registration details?

Ans: Print the confirmed registration details, acknowledgement receipt, supporting document and submit with signature along with required court fee in the circle under which you are applying for registration.

16. How can I check status?

Ans: You can check status by accessing Check Status section of e-registration of e-services portal. You can check status by providing details such as email id, PAN, Security question and answer or by entering Receipt number. You can print the acknowledgment receipt in check status section also.

17. Can I log in to portal after registration?

Ans: You can log in to portal after approval of registration only. Once your registration will be approved, you will be provided a TIN from circle. You have to collect the first time password from circle for logging in to the portal.

18. Is e-mail id necessary for e-Registration?

Ans: Yes. Otherwise you can not activate your web Form.

19. Is PAN necessary for e-Registration ?

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory for e-Registration.

20. How can I upload any additional document as and when required?

Ans: You can upload the required documents only before confirmation of Application Form, otherwise you will not be able to upload them after confirmation.

21. Is a Bank Account necessary for e-Registration?

Ans: Yes. At least one Bank Account is necessary for e-Registration.

22. Need I fill up all the columns/boxes provided in the e-Registration form?

Ans: You have to fill up all the columns/boxes marked with asterisks. You are also suggested to fill up all the required columns/boxes to avoid further discrepancies.

23. Is physical enquiry or field visit necessary for e-Registration?

Ans: Yes, physical enquiry is necessary for e-Registration.

24. How can I apply for e-Registration under CST and OET Act if I have already been registered under OVAT Act?

Ans: If you have already been registered under OVAT Act then provide your TIN in the application form to get yourself registered under CST and OET Act.

25. How can I get my Registration Certificate ?

Ans: You have to collect it from the concerned circle office as you need a signed copy of the said certificate.

26. How can I comply the application form if any error is detected after confirmation?

Ans: You will not be able to make any changes in the application form after confirmation. Ensure that you have filled up the form correctly and complete in all respect.

27. What if I do not click the confirm button?

Ans: Your Form can not be sent to the concerned circle office and you can not take a print out of the acknowledgement.

28. What if I change my e-mail id after applying for the e-registration?

Ans: You must not change your e-mail id before getting your Registration Certificate.You can change it only after registration, consulting with the concerned circle office.

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1. What is e-Waybill?

Ans: E-Waybill is an electronic form of waybill (Form VAT-402)available on the portal of Commercial Tax Department, Odisha.

2. Who are eligible to get e-waybill?

Ans : A dealer registered under Odisha Value added Tax Act, 2004 and assigned with TIN is eligible to get e-waybill.

3. How can one distinguish between normal waybill in Form VAT-402 and e-waybill?

Ans : Normal waybills are printed forms with a serial number having 6 digit printed on it. But e-waybills bear a unique number starting with 21W- followed by eleven digit number and is bar coded.

4. How can a dealer make requisition for e-waybill?

Ans : To make requisition for e-waybill, one has to log into the portal of Commercial Tax Department ( his TIN and password. Then he has to click on the e-Forms link and proceed as per instructions given. He should fill in the requirements of the requisition form and submit for approval .No changes are possible during pendency for approval.

5. How can one know that he has been allotted with e-waybill?

Ans : Upon approval by concerned DCCT/ACCT, the dealer will receive a message in his registered e-mail address along with form number(s).If for certain reasons his requisition has been rejected, then also he will be intimated about the reason for rejection.

6. If any wrong entry has been made in the requisition, then can one cancel the e-requisition?

Ans : Yes, one can cancel the requisition before it is “send for approval”. Even after approval of e-waybill, if for certain reasons the dealer wants to cancel it, then he can also cancel the same before confirmation and printing.

7. What other options are available for e-waybill?

Ans: Once e-waybill is confirmed and printed, it cannot be edited or cancelled except the vehicle details which can be edited till the vehicle passes through a check gate.

8. Can a dealer use e-waybill to bring or send goods through all the check gates?

Ans: No. At present registered dealers can use this e-waybill to bring or send goods through five computerized border check gates namely, Jamsolaghat in the district of Mayurbhanj; Girisola, in the district of Ganjam;Laxman Nath Road, in the district of Balasore; Luhurachati in the district of Bargarh and Biramitrapur in the district of Sundargarh.

9. Can all registered dealers in Odisha use this facility?

Ans: No. Except dealers of Deogarh & Boudh Circles and Aska, Rambha, Talcher, Koira,Jaraka and Balugaon Assessment Units which do not have intranet connectivity, all other registered dealers can avail this service.

10. Is it mandatory that the driver of a vehicle will carry e-waybill?

Ans: Yes, the driver or any person in charge of goods should carry the hard (Printed) copy of the e-waybill and it is his duty to produce the same before any check gate officer or authorized officer of the department.

11. Is a dealer required to pay any charges or fee for issue of e-waybills?

Ans: No.

12. Can the rights of e-waybill be transferred to others?

Ans: No.

13. After utilization of e-waybill, should the dealer produce the utilization in Form VAT-403 to the designated office?

Ans: No. Immediately after passing of the vehicle through computerized check gates as mentioned above, Form VAT-403 is automatically updated. The dealer can see and download the utilisation form. However the dealer should maintain a register in form VAT-403.

14. Is manual waybill available now?

Ans: Yes it is available upon application in form VAT-409/410.

15. If on effaces any difficulty, where should he contact?

Ans: In case of any difficulty, on should contact the office of the Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Odisha or he can visit the website of the department at

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e-Form (CST)


Ans: E-CST forms mean C Form, E I Form, E II Form, F Form & H Form that are issued electronically to dealers of Odisha through the portal of Commercial Tax Dept. Govt. of Odisha.


Ans : A dealer registered under CST Act 1956 and assigned with a TIN is eligible to get e-CST forms


Ans : First you have to Log in to the portal of Commercial Tax Dept. at by providing your user Id and password. Then click on the e-forms link and fill up the required information as per the instructions therein.


Ans : In case of electronic forms you can avail the services 24x7 sitting at your home and you need not come to Circle Office for getting CST forms. The utilization in relation to CST forms can be generated on the portal.


Ans : You need not submit the utilization statement of e-CST forms separately as the same is saved in the data base when the dealer takes a print out of the approved form.


Ans : Yes, a dealer can apply for e-CST forms even if he does not file returns electronically.


Ans: No, there is no need of seal and signature of the authority on the e-forms. If a dealer wishes to get the e-Forms stamped/sealed by the department, he may approach the Circle Officer for the same.


Ans: You can edit the details on the requisition form before submission to the Circle Office for approval.


Ans: No. Since the e-CST Forms are in demat form, you can take print out of the e-CST form and utilize the same after putting your seal and signature.


Ans: No.


Ans: After approval/rejection of e-CST forms ,an e-mail is sent to the concerned person against his registered e-mail address containing the details of approved/rejected e-CST forms.


Ans: Blank CST declaration forms and certificates shall not ordinarily be issued for tax periods staring from 1st April,2011.

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